Caroline Martin

Photographer and founder of PhotoSphere

For more than 30 years, I’ve been a professional photographer with a specialization in culinary and floral photography for the advertising industry and press publications. However, my passion for plants and interest in architecture and organic design have led me to explore abstract photography, which eventually resulted in the development of the PhotoSphere concept.


My journey began with macro-photographing raw elements, which evolved into the Nature Collection, producing large-format images on various materials for decoration purposes. Over time, I expanded my research into the corporate sector.


“Turn your brand into art” is the core of the PhotoSphere concept. We use macro-photography techniques to capture the essence of a company’s products and create striking, abstract images that can be enlarged for decoration and applied to all digital communication. 


Our unique and artistic creations can elevate a company’s online visibility, providing an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to stand out and make a powerful impression.

Our Team

When experience meets creativity, know-how and innovation !

French and German Photosphere’s team brings you its expertise, its creative vision !

Languages spoken : English, French, German

Art director and head of the graphic studio

Laurence Ciclet

Since 1999, Laurence has worked as an independent art director and web designer. After earning her degree in architecture, she became passionate about photography and graphic design.


As a creative graphic artist, she helps professional customers to find the right communication concepts and platforms. With 20 years of solid experience in professional web design and construction, Laurence’s insight helps to turn every project into a success.

Director and co-founder of Officina Fotografica in Munich

Angélique  Piazza

Their skills in the field of the treatment of the photographic image have constantly been renewed over the last 20 years. 


Today, their artisanal know-how enriches digital printing techniques. Officina Fotografica distinguishes itself by the quality of its high impressions of range on all media, particularly in larger sizes for exhibitions and museums.


In Photosphere, Angélique Piazza works as a technical advisor and as the head of manufacturing for production.


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